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Clause Logic Service

Jeremy Altman March 13, 2013 5 Announcements

NOTICE: The Clause Logic Service (CLS) APIs have been updated.

We have made several changes to the APIs in the latest release of code.  Most of the changes were made to reduce the payload size of the XML responses.  A new integration instance has been set up that contains this new release of code.  Unless any major issues are discovered, this will be the final V1 version of the API for production.

New Instance: https://integration.clause-logic.com

Main changes:
- UserId and UserDisplayName should no longer be passed when creating Procurement Documents or CLATs.
- The main Procurement Document endpoint (GET /procurement_documents/:token.xml) no longer returns associated resources (Regulations, Indicators, Clauses)
- The associated Regulation and Section elements for Clauses have been reduced to an id attribute and value.

Refer to the documentation for all other changes (https://integration.clause-logic.com/docs)

The current integration instance (https://integration-latest.clause-logic.com) will remain operational for a limited time to allow migration to the new code.

Please submit any questions or trouble tickets at https://support.clause-logic.com.